Anna: A Story About A Crime

A young girl disappears and her mother Maple is desperate for help. All she wants is her daughter home again and she believes someone from her past has taken her. But when her body is found, the local detective is convinced that she had something to do with the murder. As he nears retirement, an open-and-shut case would suit him just fine.

When a dashing young detective shows up to replace him before retirement, Detective Morgan is challenged, as she wants to do things by the book. With a young detective in tow, he has to find out who killed Anna while balancing his own demons. This novel is not only a story about the murder of a little girl, but also about sexism, power, discrimination, and devastating secrets.

The Chalk Drawing Murders

In a university classroom, a message is written on a chalkboard. A female student is dead. No one knows who wrote it, and no one knows who the woman is. It’s all a mystery until another student disappears. Parents are panicking, students are terrified, and teachers are under suspicion.

Who has access to the classrooms and can write these scary messages for students coming to the classroom to learn? Now, a detective has to figure who is killing students and leaving mysterious messages on chalkboards on a popular and expensive college campus.

Everton Pond

A mother of three is found dead. She’s found in Everton Pond, a remote pond that’s rarely visited by people. The cause of death is unknown. Her husband acts weird when the detective interviews him to get his side of the story. Her children tell the police that they saw nothing. But someone must know something.

Now, an investigation begins and the husband is the primary suspect. What happened to her and why would a mother possibly leave her children behind? And what does her husband know about her mysterious death?

A Murder on Wellington Street

A man is shot while walking down a street late at night in New York City in what seems like an unprovoked attack. No one saw anything. But why? Why did this man have to die in what seemed like a random killing? Was this murder really a targeted and well-planned murder where the killer could walk around in broad daylight without being identified?

In development.

Only The Clouds Know

Description coming soon.

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