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You can email at

Please know that I do offer discounts for educators and teachers looking to offer any of the Tess Tobias books for their curriculums. Please reach out if you are looking for bulk offers. The same goes for conference planners.

We do work with a generous amount of retailers and distributors when it comes to Tess’ books. If you are a reseller or a bookstore owner and you would like to sell Tobias’ books, please reach out. I do sell books in bulk orders and I can have them shipped to you directly. If you are looking for a specific retailer to buy from, explore the individual book pages on this site to find the appropriate links. You can find these individual pages by clicking on a book cover or appropriate button on the Books page.

P.O. Box 61524
Fennell Postal Outlet
Hamilton, ON

**Please don’t mail something without letting us know first**

I’m Tess Tobias – a crime author, writing teacher, and psychology nut. I like to explore why people commit crimes and I do so through my writing research. Join me in my world by signing up using the sign-up box on the community page. To learn more about me, click here. To follow me on social media, click the links below.