‘The Chalk Drawing Murders’: The Story Continues…

The Chalk Drawing Murders: A Story About A Crime is a story that I didn’t realize I was going to write until I started writing Anna: A Story About A CrimeIn fact, I hadn’t actually met the character of Sam Watson until I started planning and writing the story about Anna. And I had no idea what role Sam was going to have in the story about Anna. But I secretly wanted to know more about Sam, especially since he wasn’t the main character in Anna: A Story About A Crime.

The mysterious life of Sam Watson

As I was planning out the story of Anna, I knew that Noles needed a husband. She needed someone to vent to when she got home, and she needed an outlet. I never expected him to play such a huge part of the story or continue to spark such curiosity after the story of Anna was complete. I needed to dig deeper and this is where The Chalk Drawing Murders: A Story About A Crime comes into play.

Sam Watson is a young medical student. He is in medical school when a killer strikes. As more bodies show up around town, Sam is curious about the killer’s motives and techniques. But when the killer strikes a little too close to home, he fears for his own life. Did his curiosity into the case make him the next target? And when Sam learns the killer’s identity, he starts to question everything in his life.

This is a prequel to Anna: A Story About A Crime.

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